HOTEL SPIRIT Attractive accommodation.

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Both employees and employer benefit from the programmes employees open the door to new dimensions of self-validation and personal success and the employer invests in professional progress and economic success. The employees will enjoy their work more and they will perceive it as a sphere, where every minute is filled with not only better work results but also new abilities and new dimensions of their personal happiness.

Primary motivation to develop new abilities and personal traits, which are instrumental in achieving professional success, is the need to look good, feel good and to be successful; here the natural interest to achieve better results and create effective team effort. Team effort becomes an existential necessity to develop success and higher quality of personal life. Programme is conducted in two forms long-distance or internal sex: Long-distance training is conducted exclusively out of working hours, which are devoted to special consultancy services Long-distance training programme starts with a personal or phone session with the lecturer (out of working hours, daily between 4-10 pm). All training materials along with selected health supplements (vitamins etc.), presented as promotion articles, are shipped to the employee or the company within two days (specially invoiced as follows : 1,- Sk/pc as indispensable tax cost) / alternatively, the escort can pick them up personally at the training centre. Internal training is a retreat lasting one to more days. Programmes are conducted alternatively in English and in Slovak.

Individual sex training

Long-distance sex training with EscortFox - via mail; based on requirements of individual employees. Programme is part of the latest system of employee care; focusing on increasing work stamina. The company thus enhances its prestige and appeal in relation to its employees. It also enables the company to introduce modern and highly effective technique, which increases work productivity.

  • theoretical part: mastering principles of increasing levels of fitness and work productivity, team effectiveness and co-operation ( basic programme + Fitness navigator book on a CD / alternatively internal lectures with entertaining group programmes with application )
  • training part: practical programme application = work load transformed into personal training space, into useful work load tool, which is indispensable for developing new abilities with employees Mastering principles of team effort and what is means in relation to personal progress and company success. Work load stops stressing you out or impeding your work. On the contrary, it enables you to progress dynamically and to perceive it as your existential priority and enrichment (experience quick increase of work productivity). Demanding work assignments can be solved more effectively without long-term overwork and following mental burnout. To achieve it, application method is practised (and presented in print and on a CD) and new abilities reinforced to create a high-performance team.
  • another part focuses on adopting healthy lifestyle choices > choosing and using most important health supplements to increase work stamina under the supervision of the lecturer. Tuning into right lifestyle choices, selection and correct use of health supplements take place after individual fitness and health screening tests by phone or personal visit with the lecturer / alternatively by yourself depending on main focus of individual programmes


Uniqueness of this place is easy to spot mainly due to the complex of services that we offer. Each guest receives complimentary nutrition supplement. We will find the most suitable supplement for you according to your current health conditions and also according to your life and fitness goals you would like to achieve in the future. There is one meal per day included in the price of the room.

Hotel Spirit is situated in a broader center of Bratislava. According to its position in the neighbourhood of Main Railway station it is a fine place for a holiday or workstay mainly for those who seek for an optimal transport connection and proximity of city center.

The hotel with its fabulous look and avantgard architectonic and colour solution is currently a rarity of Bratislava.

Hotel has 1, 2, 3 - bed rooms, every room has its own bathroom with bath and toilet. For demanding clients there is a stylish apartment available. For travellers, which are in need to contact with new, interesting persons from all over the world is available special accommodation in bargain price (for individuals and groups to 8 persons) in pyramide and in dormitory with terrace and garden (for 12 persons).