Intensive retreats aiming at professional success, appealing appearance and enjoyable life – one or more days well spent in Hotel Spirit, also known as the Butterfly house, in Bratislava, Slovakia A pleasant opportunity to improve your English, as the activities and conversation are conducted in English, and to be a part of the intercultural exchange between the participants from all over the world

Our retreats focus on enhancement of your beauty, professional success and practical application of your newly acquired lifestyle. In our retreats, we use a variety of teaching techniques, such as art, humor, synergy, (Night wizard school) as well as latest know-how from philosophy, psychology and development of extraordinary abilities.

Modern methods equip you to effectively deal with stress and fulfill demanding goals in order to help you develop new extraordinary abilities and achieve professional success.
Advice on how to receive financial support of the employer to attend the retreat

How are our retreats unique?
They combine tourism, relaxation and uncommon experience.
  • They guide you to acquire new skills for a happy life and professional success

Newly-acquired abilities
- ability to come up with best solutions to get better achievements every single minute / basic control structure of all mental processes / mental mind )
- continuous recovery of mental energy
- ability to maintain beauty and fitness
- ability to accumulate and utilize information, knowledge and to develop language potential

Our lecturers will guide you to develop new and organic mental structures and to make them part of your own personality. And they will make it fun all along!
Try to live life to the full and develop your extraordinary abilities to be happy and successful in all seasons of life !!
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Retreat / Time schedule
Opening lunch 12:00-14:30

Discover and get acquainted with new lifestyle. Get to know other participants and guests. Enjoyable food, drinks and gourmet health food; keeping you beautiful and fit.

Determination of individual level of body nutrients and minerals, amino acids, enzymes and replenishment of the most vital ones (working with a lecturer)

Tour Bratislava and its surroundings and experience places of interests and attraction
with our pleasant guide. Take your time to enjoy cozy city life spots / alternatively individual selection of highest- rated city spots and cultural events.

Pyramid session
Discover and get acquainted with interesting abilities and dispositions of individual participants under the guidance of a lecturer. Grouping participants into small teams enables mutual development of new abilities.

Buffet style, selection of gourmet health food.

Individual free time
Free development of new abilities in small teams; music, scents Abstract painting – to develop inner / abstract / language, which enables one to experience joy, dynamics, freedom, energy and to distinguish their dimension and quality ( under the instruction of a painter, who presents abstract paintings inspired by some of the best modern painters, who are in high demand nowadays and whose works sell at around 300 thousand dollars. You are also free to use other facilities to enjoy yourself socially or individually.

Entertainment session starting at 8:30
Lecturer uses humor, entertainment, getting to know other participants better and self-improvement techniques to develop new extraordinary abilities and new quality of life (Night wizard academy). Humor and fun unlock biggest obstacles and work issues and help transform them into development of extraordinary abilities and new quality of life; as well as create new organic mental structure, which can take them in without harm. Let us travel together to new dimensions of joy and happiness. Common effort, which is able to overcome even the most demanding obstacles with success, is encouraged to health create a strong and happy team,

Breakfast / Buffet style
Pick and choose from a selection of gourmet health food to keep you beautiful and healthy – sprouts, sprout regeneration drink, baked cereal, sweet and savory pastry, cheese and chicken ham, fresh vegetables etc.

Lecture / 09:00 - 10:30
Lecture presents how to utilize immense means and instruments, which have been emerging in the universe over billions of years. It conveys how to utilize them to cope with personal and professional load with ease. It also presents opportunities to develop new abilities and higher quality of life. Lecture also includes trying gourmet health food and providing suitable health supplements. How is it unique? Retreats are organized by the Institute of utilizing new abilities in professional sphere. Transforming negative work load into a useful tool can help us develop our potential and make us happy. It also helps us to attain happiness in our personal lives.

Having completed the retreat, one notices dramatic increase in work productivity, lifestyle changes; thanks to applying special approach in developing new abilities and getting acquainted with a new way of nourishing the body with a combination of food and health supplements. Participants receive practical guidance on creating organic mental structures and on their inclusion into one's personality.

Newly acquired organic mental structures will feed on professional work load and use it to help the personality to enhance and improve. Learning, company management and other work can now become enjoyable and fun, while one works on self-development and new abilities.

Price starts at 2500 Sk (69 euro) / day. Price includes: full house and board (health food and drinks), enjoyable development activities, necessary health supplements ( presented as promotion articles, ( otherwise cca. 1000 Sk) to enhance the effectiveness of the whole experience. You may book individual accommodation and extra services by phone (room specification, opening lunch, supper etc.).

Kontakt: Land line: 00421 2/54777561
Internet voicemail: 0692000556

Reservation form
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Sojourn with solo accommodation - 83 EUR per/day
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Sojourn with accomodation in pairs and groups - 60 EUR per/day
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All cancellation must be made in writing/e-mail to the hotel SPIRIT.
Cancellation till 48 hours before arrival is free of charge.
Within 48 hours there will be cancellation charge equal 50 % of total amount of cancelled reservation.
I have read and accept the rules and restrictions.
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